Polar 76 EM – Guillotine


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Machine: Polar 76EM
Description: Electro magnetic clutch & brake (Two button operation), powered interlocked backgauge, variable pressure hydraulic clamping, Digital programming and readout (99 progs. 999 locations), single end pull dip shear action, air bed
Safety Equipment: Infra red front guarding system, timed and cross monitored cut buttons, rear table guarding, compliant with HSE/PIAC standards on guillotine safety.
Tools: Two blades, tools manuals and PIAC safety certificate
Warranty: Factory overhauled, tested, 3 months parts warranty.


Cutting Width 76cm
Clamp Opening 11cm
Feed Depth 76cm
Power required 1.5kW / 2 H.P.
Net weight 1040kG
Width without side tables 152cm
including side tables
Length 175cm
Height 140cm
Table Front Length 48.5cm
Table Height 90cm
Clamp Pressure min 100daN / 220lbs
Clamp Pressure max 2500daN / 5550lbs
Knife thickness 11.7mm
Grinding reserve 3cm
Smallest cut without false clamp 1.5cm
With false clamp 6cm
Backgauge speed, slow/express 8.2cm / sec
Static floor load 650 daN / m2
Contact area load 1.5 daN / cm2
Dynamic surcharge 20%
Supply voltage 190 – 240 V
Fusing 16A
Wire cross section 1.5mm
Supply voltage 340 – 440 V
Fusing 10A
Wire cross section 1.5mm
Supply voltage 500 – 600 V
Fusing 10A
Wire cross section 1.5mm